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Conferences and Meetings


Open Science Conferences

CASE organizes two Open Science Conferences which will be largely publicized in order to attract high-level scientists external to the ITN consortium.


One of this conference was organized within the framework of the annual international conference "EGU 2012" in Vienna (22-27 April 2012).




Past Conferences

Final Open Conference - Organized by EPOC

This Open Conference was the final event organized within the framework of the "CASE" EU-FP7 ITN project, a research and training network on Marine Biotic Indicators of Recent climate changes in the High Latitudes of the North Atlantic. The geographical and temporal domains investigated within CASE were extented to the wide Arctic Ocean and surrounding seas and to past Interglacials of the Pleistocene era.

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Mid-term Open Conference coupled with “EGU 2012”

The first Open Conference was hosted on April 2012. This highly successful CASE-sponsored session took place on the 5th day of the European Geoscience Union 2012

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Annual Meetings

The management structure gathered at the annual Scientific and Managerial Meetings (or Progress Meetings).

These three days long meetings took place alternatively within four of the partner institutions throughout the duration of the ITN project.




Past Meetings

Final Managerial Meeting - Bordeaux

CASE PIs and the EPM gathered in Talence (France) on the afternoon of February 6, 2014, immediately after the end of the 2nd Open Conference, for a final managerial and scientific meeting

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Synthesis Workshop - Kiel

This two days meeting was the occasion for members of the CASE consortium to review progress in the ESRs’research project, to report on managerial matters, and to discuss the preparation of the final CASE event (Open Conference).

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Mid Term Progress Meeting - Amsterdam

26 January: Formal Mid Term Progress Review with EC Representatives - 27 January: CASE Scientific Achievements, Science Plan (2012-2013)

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First Progress Meeting - Trondheim

This two days meeting was the first occasion for all members of the CASE consortium to meet, review the scientific work and report progress the management tasks of this Initial Training Network.

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Kick-off Meeting - Bordeaux

The CASE kick-off meeting, hosted by EPOC, took place at University Bordeaux 1 (Talence, France) on May 19-20th, 2010.

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