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Training Sessions


Training within CASE aims primarily at offering to the ESR’s high level experiences on the use of marine biotic-related proxies in paleoceanography and climate modelling through a series of courses conducted by the identified consortium participants.

In addition to these courses, hereafter referred as “Specialized courses in marine biotic proxies and climate modelling”, CASE offer a comprehensive set of complementary skills in the form of “Generic courses” which address dedicated aspects on complementary skill development aiming at developing effectively ESRs as professional researchers in an increasing competitive and critical environment.

High-level, internationally recognized visiting scientists from partner institutions and associated industry partners complement the teaching party by providing analytical and technical workshops according to their specific expertises.

Past Courses

Kiel Training Session

Specialized course “Isotope geochemistry, stable light isotopes, radiogenic isotopes, application to paleoenvironmental reconstructions”

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Plymouth Training Session

Specialized course “Marine biotic proxies, organic geochemistry, biomarkers and application to paleoceanography” and Generic course “Skills development program”

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Amsterdam Training Session

General introduction to climate models and their application in paleoclimatology, followed by computer practical focused on model exercises.

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Tromsø Training Session

The Tromsø CASE training sessions were divided into two parts.

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Trondheim Training Session

The lecturer went through varies techniques suitable for verbal and written presentations

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Bordeaux Training Session

The first training session of the CASE project took place at Bordeaux February 1-9 2011. This session was attended by the recently recruited 12 CASE ESRs, as well as by researchers from outside the network

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