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"The changing Arctic and Subarctic environment: proxy- and model-based reconstructions of Holocene climate variability in the northern North Atlantic", a CASE dedicated Special Issue in Climate of the Past, an interactive open access journal of the European Geosciences Union.


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This special issue addresses some of the key questions related to the present polar amplification of climate change:

• Is the present global warming and its amplification in the Arctic and Subarctic domains a unique event at the scale of the Earth recent history (last 10 000 years)?

• How do past decadal to centennial–scale natural climate changes, as recorded in marine sediments and ice cores, stand in the context of the present human-induced modulation of climate?

• How did Holocene variability in key physical elements affect the structure and diversity of the planktonic ecosystem in the Arctic and Subarctic domains?


This CP volume includes original research papers from CASE Early Stage Researchers (PhDs) and Principal Investigators from the 6 partner institutions which constitute this ITN Network.


Selected top-of-the-rank scientists in the field of proxy and model-based investigations of recent climate changes in the northern North Atlantic was invited to contribute to this Special Issue. These scientists are all directly (as CASE-funded visiting scientists ) or indirectly (as historical collaborators of the partner institutions) involved into CASE-supported projects.


Style of Special Issue : Thematic


Contact CP co-editor-in-chief : Denis-Didier ROUSSEAU

CP editor covering the relevant subject area : Hans RENSSEN


Title: The Changing Arctic and Subarctic Environment: proxy- and model-based reconstructions of Holocene climate variability in the northern North Atlantic


Special issue editors: Jacques GIRAUDEAU(1), Jochen KNIES(2), Hans RENSSEN(3), Denis-Didier Rousseau(4)

(1) University of Bordeaux, CNRS, EPOC, Talence (France)

(2) Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), Trondheim (Norway)

(3) VU University Amsterdam, Department of Earth Sciences (The Netherlands)

(4) Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique & CERES-ERTI CNRS-ENS-UPMC-X  

* existing CP editor.


Start & end of submission: January 31 – August 30, 2013.