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The Changing Arctic and Subarctic Environment (CASE)


Poster and Flyer

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CASE Project

Sea-ice, water temperature and stratification of the water column are the most important physical elements explaining the marine ecosystem responses to climate changes in the Nordic Seas.

  • Is the present global warming and its amplification in the Arctic and Subarctic domains a unique event at the scale of the Earth recent history (last 10 000 years)?
  • How do past decadal to centennial-scale natural climate changes stand in the context of the present human-induced modulation of climate?
  • How did Holocene variability in key physical elements affect the structure and diversity of the planktonic ecosystem in the Arctic and Subarctic domains?

Here are important questions which motivated the setting-up of a European network on marine biotic indicators of recent climate changes.


Key Topics

  • Holocene natural variability of physical parameters affecting ecosystem processes and structure in the Nordic Seas,
  • Previous Holocene polar amplifications of warming,
  • Impact of global warming beyond the range of Holocene natural variability over the last 150 years on the Nordic Seas environmental system.

CASE Objectives

CASE will:

  • Assemble paleoclimate data for the Holocene through ongoing/previous field programmes in the Nordic Seas,
  • Integrate paleoclimate information with modern biological and climate modelling data for harmonized and reliable predictions,
  • Recruit and train a new generation of European polar scientists with expertise on the Nordic Seas,
  • Develop a network of European experts in polar research to build structures focused on long-term collaboration in Arctic science.

Deliverables and Workpages