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Publications and Communications

Publications and Communications listed are related to CASE's research and authored by CASE members.

Publications and Communications about research not funded directly by CASE appear with an asterics.


Long-term variations in Iceland–Scotland overflow strength during the Holocene.

D. J. R. Thornalley, M. Blaschek, F. J. Davies, S. Praetorius, D. W. Oppo, J. F. McManus, I. R. Hall, H. Kleiven, H. Renssen, and I. N. McCave. 2013. Clim. Past; 9, 2073–2084.

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Calibration and application of the IP25 biomarker for Arctic sea ice reconstructions

P. Cabedo Sanz, A. Navarro Rodriguez, S.T. Belt, T.A. Brown, J. Knies, K. Husum, J. Giraudeau, and J. Andrews. 2012. EGU General Assembly 2012; Vienna, Austria; 23-27 April 2012.. 2012. EGU General Assembly 2012; Vienna, Austria; 23-27 April 2012.

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Historic surface water productivity changes in the Barents Sea

I. Maier, M. Felix, J. Knies, and U. Mann. 2012. ResClim General Assembly 2012; Hurtigruten Bergen - Tromsø, Norway; 19-23 March 2012

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Holocene water mass reconstructions of the high latitude North Atlantic.

S. Berben, D.E. Groot, K. Husum, M. Hald, J. Giraudeau, J. Knies, N. Koc, S. Korsun. 2011. ResClim General Assembly 2011; Bergen, Norway; 28 March - 1 April 2011.

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