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Towards an improved organic carbon budget for the Barents Sea shelf, marginal Arctic Ocean


I. Pathirana, J. Knies, M. Felix, and U. Mann


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Climate of the Past

10, 569-587, 2014

Special Issue


There is generally a lack of knowledge on how marine organic carbon accumulation is linked to vertical export and primary productivity patterns. In this study, a multi-proxy geochemical and organic-sedimentological approach is coupled with organic facies modelling focusing on regional calculations of carbon cycling and carbon burial on the western Barents shelf between northern Scandinavia and Svalbard. OF-Mod 3D, an organic facies modelling software tool, is used to reconstruct the marine and terrestrial organic carbon fractions and to make inferences about marine primary productivity in this region. The model is calibrated with an extensive sample dataset and reproduces the present-day regional distribution of the organic carbon fractions well. Based on this new organic facies model, we present regional carbon mass accumulation rate calculations for the western Barents Sea.


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