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Past Training Courses

Plymouth Training Session


Specialized course and Generic course


Host Institution: Univ. Plymouth

Duration: 5 days

Date: 18-22 June 2012

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Specialized course “Marine biotic proxies, organic geochemistry, biomarkers and application to paleoceanography”


Content:  This course focused on giving students first-hand experience in carrying out extractions of biomarkers from Arctic marine sediment and analysis using mass spectrometric instrumentation. The investigation began with an introduction to the laboratory methods and each student worked with a standard sediment with known biomarker composition. The students also worked with procedural blanks to ensure that quality assurance measures can be assessed. Students worked with dedicated software to interpret the analytical data and this was also used to highlight aspects of quantification and possible contamination. Having established the principles behind the basic methodology, students worked with sediment with unknown composition and contribute to the construction of some down-core lipid profiles.



Generic course “Skills development program”


Content: Students received training in presenting their research to different audiences and especially with the media. Students practiced radio interviews and were filmed for possible TV presentations. Students were given the opportunity to put their experiences into practice later in the week when there were some interviews about their CASE work for local media. Students were also given training in writing for journal articles and this should be of particular benefit for those with limited experience of this style of communication and those who are required to write peer-reviewed papers for their PhD programs.



Contact: Simon Belt

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