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Past Conferences

Final Open Conference - Organized by EPOC

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Final Open Conference


Title: "The Changing Arctic and sub-Arctic Marine Environment: Proxy and Model Based Reconstructions"

Host institution: EPOC 

Duration: 2,5 days

Date: 4-6 February 2014





This Open Conference was the final event organized within the framework of the "CASE" EU-FP7 ITN project (  

This event took place on February 4 – 6, 2014, at the Agora-Haut Carré conference center of the University of Bordeaux.


Beside communicating on recent findings on paleoclimate and paleoceanography of the wide Arctic Ocean, this gathering aimed at contributing to the definition of future challenges and key-scientific questions in the understanding of the present and past climate variability in the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, some of these challenges being included into the roadmaps of upcoming national (such as the French “Chantier Arctique” coordinated by CNRS/INSU; the Norwegian “Nansen Legacy” initiative) and International programs (“Horizon 2020” and “IODP”, among others)

The CASE coordinating institution (J. Giraudeau and I. Dème, EPOC – CNRS/University of Bordeaux) organized the conference.


The overall theme of the conference, as well as the sessions themes extended the geographical and temporal domains investigated within CASE to the wide Arctic Ocean and surrounding seas and to past Interglacials of the Pleistocene era, as well as to a more extensive range of observational, experimental and modelling approaches.

Beside the contribution of the European Commission as part of the CASE funding dedicated to the organisation of open conferences, this event was supported by the IdEx Bordeaux program as well as the journal Nature Communication. 


The program of the conference was defined by an international Scientific Steering Committee made of the 6 CASE PIs (Univ. Plymouth, GEOMAR Kiel, Univ. Amsterdam, Univ. Tromsoe, Geological Survey of Norway, and Univ. Bordeaux/CNRS) as well as 2 CASE scientific advisors from Univ. Boulder (CO, USA) – John Andrews -, and from Univ. Tromsoe – Morten Hald -.

The 4 dedicated sessions covered the major themes of the recent evolution of the climate and of the oceanography of the Arcic domain, and were chaired by CASE ESRs:

  •  Developing paleoceanographic proxies: qualitative versus quantitative reconstructions,
  • Interglacial paleoceanography from the northern North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean,  
  • Ocean-continent linkages during interglacial periods,
  • The past 2000 years.


The Open Conference gathered 70 participants from 11 nationalities and 23 different institutions. Fifty-three of these participants were external to the organizing institution (Univ. Bordeaux/CNRS). Eight participants (5 senior keynotes seniors et 3 junior contributors) were invited by the organizing committee. Eleven out of the 12 CASE ESRs registered to the conference and contributed with oral and/or poster communications.

Beside the 5 « keynotes », the two-and-a-half days conference were made of 24 oral communications and 18 posters.


An introductory talk by one of the world-class specialist of the physical oceanography of the Arctic Ocean (JC Gascard, UPMC, Paris) addressed some of the latest findings on the evolution of ocean circulation and sea-ice dynmaics throughout the last 50 years, from  the well acclaimed EU project DAMOCLES and ACCESS.

A final round-table allowed the allowed the audience to exchange on future national and international operational initiatives among which the setting-up of a Norwegian synoptic program on the Barents Sea (2015-2019, Nansen Legacy), the preparation of the French initiative « Chantier Arctique », and the 2015-2016 German coring and drilling plans.


A gala dinner was held within a famous Bordeaux wine estate, Chateau Luchey-Halde, in Mérignac on the evening of February 5th, 2014.


Additional information including the detailed program and abstracts on :


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