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Past Conferences

Mid-term Open Conference coupled with “EGU 2012”


The first Open Conference was hosted on April 2012. This highly successful CASE-sponsored session took place on the 5th day of the European Geoscience Union 2012 Annual Meeting (Vienna, April 22-27, 2012).
Chaired by CASE partner “Univ. Tromso”, it gathered more than 80 external researchers and resulted in 12 oral and 34 poster presentations on the topic of “Inter-Ocean Gateways: Past, Modern and Future Processes and Environments”.

Inter-Ocean Gateways: Past, Modern and Future Processes and Environments

Convener: K. Husum
Co-Conveners: R. F. Spielhagen, G. Lohmann, U. Schauer, L. Jonkers, M. Ziegler, G. Knorr 


Session Abstract:

Recent changes in meridional transfer of ocean heat to the Arctic Ocean are considered as some of the most important factors contributing to the present polar amplification of global warming. Water mass exchanges between the Arctic and the North Atlantic take place in Fram Strait and the Barents Sea, and are intricately connected with atmospheric and cryospheric processes at play in this region.
We invite contributions based on paleo-proxies, instrumental data, as well as modelling experiment dealing with Interglacials (including Holocene), modern and future dynamics of ocean circulation and environmental changes in the vicinity of these Arctic-Atlantic gateways.


Oral Programme and Poster programme

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