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First Training Session

2010-12-14 10:05


The first training session of the CASE project will take place at Bordeaux between the 1st and the 9th February 2010. We invite all phD students to join Bordeaux on the 31th January in order to begin the training the following morning. The session will be completed by the afternoon of February 9th.

This training session will be divided into 3 different parts:

- 3 days session assembling diverse interventions on Paleo tracers/tools covering EPOC expertises  (chronology, pollen, heavy stable isotopes, corals, ice cores and marine sedimentology).

- Specialised course on marine micropaleontology - phytoplankton skeletal remains - (2 days).

This session will be focussed on dinocysts, diatoms and coccoliths (generalities on biotic groups, transfer functions and paleoceanographical applications).

- Analytical and technical course (2 days) on XRF core scanner applications (given by two Avaatech/Nioz staff members, assisted by the Engineer in charge of XRF at Epoc).

This particular session will include some generalities on XR fluorescence, and some applications of XRF core scanner in marine geology/marine paleoceanography. Practical work based on dataset acquired during the course are also foreseen.


This session is open to early stage or confirmed scientists, external to the CASE network (limited seats available, please register with Jacques Giraudeau)


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Recent news and Events

2013-12-10 15:46

The fisrt phD Defence of the CASE network

Congratulations to Patricia Cabedo Sanz on the Successful Defence of her PhD Dissertation !

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2013-10-31 08:52

Drift ice and sea ice proxies put to the test

Comparing proxy-based marine reconstructions with instrumental and observational data holds key information on the reliability of these proxies

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2013-10-15 08:11

An unprecedented high resolution paleoceanographical record fom the central Greenland Sea.

In a recent issue of Boreas, CASE ESR Maciej Telesinski and colleagues from GEOMAR Kiel and University of Stockolm recently presented late Glacial and Holocene paleoenvironmental recontructions in the central Greenland Sea.

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