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The phD students recruitment of the CASE project is now completed

2011-01-20 14:30

Diane Groot and Sarah Berben are the last phD fellows to join the CASE project ; they are hosted at the University of Tromsø. They joined the Geology team on 10th January 2011 and they will work under the supervision of Katrine Husum.


tl_files/music_academy/campus/ID_Sarah.JPGSarah Berben

"The focus of my PhD project will be on Holocene sea surface temperature reconstructions of the Nordic seas. Therefore, I will include improved transfer functions on planktonic foraminiferal assemblages and measurements of Mg/Ca ratios from several marine sediment cores. This in order to better understand the ocean circulation, sea ice distribution and marine production in view of recent environmental changes.

After finishing my bachelor studies geography in Belgium, I moved towards Amsterdam where I started a master programme entirely focused on paleoclimatology. This gave me the chance to join two oceanographic expeditions which introduced me to a world of international collaboration, marine geology and micropaleontology. I worked on sea surface temperature and thermocline reconstructions using a multi-species isotope approach. Further, for my thesis I went to Copenhagen and worked at the Centre for Ice and Climate among geophysicists focusing on Greenland ice cores as an impressive archive for climate studies.

Within my PhD project at the University of Tromso I will focus on planktonic foraminifera to reconstruct Holocene sea surface temperatures in the Nordic seas. This research topic as well as the international character of CASE gives me the great opportunity to start a scientific career as a paleoclimatologist.”

tl_files/music_academy/campus/ID_Diane.JPGDiane Groot

I finished my masters in Paleoclimatology and Geo-ecosystems at the VU Amsterdam in 2010. Having done a project on terrestrial climate reconstruction I went to the NIOZ to do my thesis in marine geology on the interaction between paleoceanography and cold-water coral ecosystems. This involved using a multi-proxy approach and assemblage studies of benthic foraminifera. I am interested in working with different proxies and micropaleontology to  analyze the changing marine environments and this project offers me the possibility to do so. I saw the CASE ITN project online and thought that this will give me a great opportunity to work in an international group of researchers which I found inspiring at the NIOZ and the chance to further develop myself as a paleoclimate researcher.

I‘m going to study benthic foraminiferal assemblages from sediments cores from the Nordic Seas in order to reconstruct the changes in sub-surface, intermediate and bottom water waters in relation to the variability of the MOC. To characterize the water masses I will look into biogenic carbonate production, bottom water temperatures and ventilation. Studying the relation between benthic foraminifera and other biotic groups regarding ocean circulation temperature and marine production in view of recent environmental changes is part of my research as well.“

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2013-12-10 15:46

The fisrt phD Defence of the CASE network

Congratulations to Patricia Cabedo Sanz on the Successful Defence of her PhD Dissertation !

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2013-10-31 08:52

Drift ice and sea ice proxies put to the test

Comparing proxy-based marine reconstructions with instrumental and observational data holds key information on the reliability of these proxies

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2013-10-15 08:11

An unprecedented high resolution paleoceanographical record fom the central Greenland Sea.

In a recent issue of Boreas, CASE ESR Maciej Telesinski and colleagues from GEOMAR Kiel and University of Stockolm recently presented late Glacial and Holocene paleoenvironmental recontructions in the central Greenland Sea.

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