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Seisma Cruise

2011-05-13 14:38

April 2011

Seisma RV

With a loud roar the small Seisma crashes into the wave trough just to fight its way up the next wave again. "The boat has never capsized", Gesa has no real trust in the words of Oddvar, the captain. She thinks "There is always a first time" as the next big wave tilts the Seisma so strongly that the drawers of the tool cabinet open and their contents spread out loudly on the floor.

It is the second day of our expedition around the Trondheimfjord and our hope that the storm would subside over night has not been fulfilled. But since we are already significantly behind schedule, we have to get out on the fjord and try our luck.

Early in the morning, we, PhD students Gesa Milzer from the University of Bordeaux and Johan Faust from NGU in Trondheim, along with John Anders Dahl, the engineer, and Oddvar Longva, the captain, are on the way from Trondheim to the inner part of the fjord. The wind is still very strong there but at least the waves are smaller so that we can let our Multicorer down into the water.


tl_files/music_academy/campus/Seisma Cruise/1Gesa_seisma.jpg tl_files/music_academy/campus/Seisma Cruise/4Capitain.jpg


In the following days of our expedition, the weather calmed down and we managed to measure temperature and salinity profiles and to take surface sediment samples from sixty stations located throughout the Trondheimfjord. We need these to get a better understanding of the recent water circulation and sedimentation processes in the fjord and to explore climate change during the past 8000 years in the Trondheimfjord.


tl_files/music_academy/campus/Seisma Cruise/2Gesa_seisma.jpg tl_files/music_academy/campus/Seisma Cruise/7Johan_seisma.jpg


After eight days the expedition unfortunately ended already. We took over 1200 sediment samples, enjoyed the delicious food prepared by Oddvar and John Anders and stayed in beautiful ports. Also this time the Seisma did not capsize and the samples are now waiting in the laboratory for us to reveal their secrets.


tl_files/music_academy/campus/Seisma Cruise/3landscape.jpg

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