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IFM GEOMAR welcomes two new PhD students

2011-01-07 10:30

Maciej Telesiński and Theodora Pados joined the CASE project on November 2010 (respectively 1st and 15th November) at the IFM GEOMAR in the Paleoceanography team. They will conduct their PhD project under the supervision of Robert Spielhagen.


Maciej Telesiński investigates marine sediment cores from the Nordic Seas and the adjacent Arctic in order to reconstruct the paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic variability in this area. The main focus lies on variability of water masses, currents and sea ice cover in the last 10,000 years. However, the last glacial-interglacial transition is also included in his studies to determine the maximum range of natural variability. Besides standard parameters like the coarse fraction content, analyzed proxies comprise oxygen and carbon isotopes from planktic and benthic foraraminifers as well as the planktic foraminiferal species distribution in the samples.


Theodora Pados analyses plankton, benthos, sediment, and water samples from the Nordic Seas and the adjacent Arctic in order to compare in situ conditions with the isotopic and geochemical composition of calcareous microorganisms from plankton tows, sediment traps, and sea floor samples, and of water samples. The goal of her work is an improved understanding of how oceanic variability in the research area is reflected in calcareous microfossils. Analyzed proxies comprise the oxygen and carbon isotopic composition of water and microorganisms and, if possible in selected samples, the Mg/Ca ratio in the calcarous shells of planktic foraminifers.


All investigations are performed in close cooperation with CASE partners and researchers in the other work packages. They will participate in research expeditions, present their results at international conferences, and publish them in international scientific journals.


Maciej Telesiński

“During my bachelor's studies in geology at the University in Poznan, Poland, I developed my scientific interests in revealing the past of the Earth. I was particularly interested in palaeontology as well as geochemistry and isotope methods. My master's studies at Aarhus University, Denmark, drew my attention towards micropalaeontology (especially of Foraminifera), palaeoceanography and arctic regions. In my master's thesis I focused on the shelf environment off North Iceland during the Marine Isotope Stages 3 and 2. My PhD project at IFM-GEOMAR in Kiel, Germany, concerning the Holocene palaeoceanography of the Nordic Seas allows me to combine all my interests and use my scientific experience. I hope that the participation in CASE ITN will give me an opportunity to further develop my scientific knowledge and skills, meet scientists of different backgrounds and specialities and make fascinating discoveries.”



Theodora Pados

“I wanted to be a marine biologist since I was six years old. I completed my master studies at the University of Vienna in 2010 and I pursued my goal of becoming a member of a research group. I found the PhD opportunity at IFM-GEOMAR in the Internet. The topic is very interesting because it is related to climate change and it gives me the opportunity to develop myself in additional disciplines such as palaeontology and geology. Moreover, the Marie Curie Initial Training Network enables me to participate in numerous courses at other universities in different countries.”

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