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Progress Meeting Minutes

2011-06-01 12:20

Trondheim, 27-28 April 2011

Case Team at the First Progress Meeting
CASE Team, Trondheim Progress Meeting, 27-28 April 2011

This two days meeting was the first occasion for all members of the CASE consortium to meet, review the scientific work and report progress the management tasks of this Initial Training Network.


 Science implementation (Pis and ESRs)

  • PIs presented their Workpackage before the ESR presentations. ESRs presented their research topics and perspectives and made a brief summary of their results obtained so far.
  • Discussions focused on collaborative issues and sample sharing strategies. Potential overlaps were discussed and clarified as well as strategies for sharing new samples during upcoming cruises. All ESRs have either already clarified their research tasks and respective working material, or are in the planning phase of new retrievals during cruises planned in 2011. A summary table illustrating collaborative actions and sharing of sediment material was presented by the Coordinator and will be regularly updated during the course of the project.
  • A special request was formulated by Hans Renssen, the leader of the modelling workpackage, in order to foster modelling initatives on topics of direct interest to members of the 5 other WPs.

 Guest lectures

  • Three keynote conferences were given by invited speakers : (1) “Modern seafloor sediment dynamics and organic carbon burial in the western Barents Sea” by Jolynn Carroll (Akvaplan Niva, Tromsø) (2) “Modelling of organic carbon depostion with Of-Mod (Organic Facies Modelling)” by Maarten Felix (Sintef Petroleum Research, Trondheim) (3)“Holocene decadal to centennial scale climate fluctuation in the Trondheimfjord area” by Carsten Ruehlemann (Federal Institut für Geoscience and Natural Ressources, U. Hannover).
  • All Guest lecturers introduced their companies and focussed their scientific presentations on potential links with our research field.
  • Jolynn Carroll underlined the possibility of job opportunities in SME beside Research in Academic Field.

 Management (EPM and Coord.)

  • It was reminded to ESRs and PI the importance to publicize the CASE ITN (including Training Sessions opened to external researchers) to a large scientific community. They were informed on the existence of support document for communication (a Poster summazising CASE is available on the website) and on the creation of a future flyer.
  • A website demonstration was given to show the new sections developped in order to improve the internal and the external communication within the CASE network.
  • Several tools aiming to boost/raise the internal communication were also foreseen: an interactive map summarizing the core information on the CASE website, an analytical dataset via Pangaea project, (Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science) and a bibliographic database.
  • A briefing was made on milestones according to the workplan and a brief reminder on calendar of events was given.
  • The meeting was the occasion to discuss past and upcoming marine geological cruises: RV Seisma research cruise in Trondheim Fjord (4-13 April, organized by NGU, Trondheim); RV Jan Mayen training and research cruise in Fram Strait and off Eastern Greenland (15-28 July, organized by Univ. Tromsø), RV Polarstern research cruise (15 June – 13 July, with participation of IFM-GEOMAR-hosted ESRs).
  • A summary of achieved and scheduled training events was exposed.
  • A discussion on a draft version of the first progress report due early May 2011 took place and a reminder of Reporting issues (Mid term review) was given. It was the occasion to set up the timing of the mid term meeting (March-Mid May 2012)*.
  • PIs agreed about the modification of the location of the first open conference due in the first semester of 2012. It is now planed to organise this conference as a CASE special session within the framework of the 2012 General Assembly of European Geoscience Union (EGU, Vienna, April 2012) insteed of as part of the Arctic Frontier Conference, (Tromsø, January 2012) a initially planned. The main reason motivating this change is the need for some partners to save some budget by preferring a less expensive venue.
  • A reminder of the various funding categories was given to the participants. Both the EPM and the coordinator insisted on the obligation made to the beneficiaries to respect those categories when using their share of the funding, and to keep track of all proofs of expenditure, in order to facilitate the preparation of the periodic financial reports and the claim for eligible costs. PIs were given answers to several questions on EU Financial rules.
  • A final reminder was made to each partners on the procedures for recruiting Visiting Scientists. An update of the VSs recruiting plan was finalized and will be transmitted to the EC Project Officer for formal agreement.

 * By the time of writing this short report, the timing of the mid-term meeting was advanced to beginning 2012 (probably january) based on recent exchanges with the EC Project Officer.


 Social evening

On the evening of April 27, all participants to the CASE progress meeting were invited by our host Jochen Knies – NGU - to enjoy a typical Norvegian recipes at the Sponhuset restaurant along the Trondheimfjord. The dinner, sponsored by NGU, was followed by a giant outdoor fire kindly organized by the Sponhuset landlady.



Download: the full version of the minutes and the programme

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