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Welcome Patricia and Alba!

2010-10-01 09:00

Patrica Cabedo Sanz and Alba Navarro Rodriguez join the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (SoGEES) at the University of Plymouth the 1st october 2010 to begin their phD with Simon Belt and Guillaume Massé.


Patricia and Alba will be measuring the organic geochemical content of some Arctic marine sediment cores to reconstruct past climate conditions. Specifically, they will be determining the concentrations of a biomarker chemical (IP25) that is made by sea ice diatoms and which serves as a proxy measure of past sea ice occurrence when present in Arctic sediments. To date, the variable abundance of this chemical has been used to provide evidence for changes to sea ice occurrence over thousands of years. In the current project, Patricia and Alba will continue to adopt this approach and investigate ways of improving the calibration of the proxy. Their work will benefit from the complementary data obtained from other researchers involved in the CASE project.


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Cabedo Sanz

“I have always been interested in science and the environment. I graduated in BSc  in Chemistry with first class honours at the University of Valencia (Spain) in 2010. I studied my final year project at the University of Plymouth with Prof. Paul Worsfold and Dr. Maeve Lohan ; it  involved the biogeochemistry of aluminium in Sargasso Sea. I enjoyed working within a research group with PhD students and post doctoral researchers and I realised that carry out a PhD in Environmental  Chemistry was all I wanted.

When I heard about the PhD Oportunity offered at the University of Plymouth within the SOGEES that counts with excellent and very qualified researchers (where I carried out my final year project) and funded by the Marie Curie Fellowship which offers the great oportunity to participate in a Trans-European Training Mobility programme, I did not doubt it to apply for this specific PhD.”



Navarro Rodriguez

“I choose to do a PhD because last year I was doing a project as a Erasmus student in Plymouth being a member of the Beach group and I realized I liked research projects and the way of work here, and also I found a nice atmosphere of work between colleagues and between members of the Beach and PEGG groups.

I found this PhD Marie Curie offer in a website, and I applied for do the interview.”

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Recent news and Events

2013-12-10 15:46

The fisrt phD Defence of the CASE network

Congratulations to Patricia Cabedo Sanz on the Successful Defence of her PhD Dissertation !

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2013-10-31 08:52

Drift ice and sea ice proxies put to the test

Comparing proxy-based marine reconstructions with instrumental and observational data holds key information on the reliability of these proxies

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2013-10-15 08:11

An unprecedented high resolution paleoceanographical record fom the central Greenland Sea.

In a recent issue of Boreas, CASE ESR Maciej Telesinski and colleagues from GEOMAR Kiel and University of Stockolm recently presented late Glacial and Holocene paleoenvironmental recontructions in the central Greenland Sea.

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