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Ship's log Helmer Hansen

This Ship's log is written by CASE PhD students and provides an inside into the work and life on board the research vessel Helmer Hansen (previously Jan Mayen) on a cruise from 15 July to 28 July 2011 from Longyearbyen Svalbard to Greenland and back to Tromsø. The expedition is part of the international research project “The changing arctic and subarctic environment (CASE)”.


Twelve PhD CASE Students from the University of Amsterdam, Plymouth, Bordeaux, Kiel, Tromsø and from the NGU Trondheim are joining the cruise. Together with colleges from the research school in arctic marine geology and geophysics from the University of Tromsø they investigate the marine environment and past and recent climate changes in area of the West Svalbard margin, Fram Strait and East Greenland using sedimentlogical, geophysical and paleoceanography methods.

The cruise is organized by Katrine Husum together with two colleagues from the University of Tromsø: Jan Sverre Laberg, Matthias Forwick and Jacques Giraudeau from the University of Bordeaux.


More information: Ship tracker

Work and life on board

2011-07-27 11:40

Day 12-14

We are heading back to Tromsø. It takes three days to go back to Norway. But it is no lazy time. The cruise report has to be written and the ship needs to be cleaned.

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2011-07-24 16:34

Day 8-11

Unfortunately, we could not reach Greenland. We tried a couple of times to find a way through the sea ice but every time we tried to get closer to the Greenland shore

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2011-07-22 15:03

Day 6-7

We are now close to the shore of Greenland and yesterday we crashed through sheets of ice for the first time.

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2011-07-20 11:35

Day 5

After we finished the mapping we have taken some gravity cores. The gravity corer is a metal pipe which has a heavy weight on top

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2011-07-17 11:35

Day 2-4

During the last 1 ½ days we steamed from the Svalbard shelf towards Greenland and crossed the northern part of Mid-Atlantic-Ridge.

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